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Wat Maheyong, Ayutthaya

Three Buddha images in the Ubosoth at Wat Maheyong, Ayutthaya


Wat Maheyong was built during the reign of King Borom Ratchathirat II (1424-1448 A.D.). The temple compound housed a huge ubosoth. The temple was renovated in 1709 by King Tai Sa.

Behind the Ubosoth is the Chedi Chang Lom. This is a bell shaped chedi on top of a square base. The base itself is decorated with elephant figures. This design is reminiscent of Chedi Chang Lom in Sukhothai, which has similar elephant decorations.

Buddha Images in the huge Ubosoth of Wat Maheyong


Buddha Images at Wat Maheyong, Ayutthaya


Elephant sculptures around the base of the Chedi at Wat Maheyong



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