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Wat Lokayasutharam (Phra Noon), Ayutthaya

Phra Noon (Reclining Buddha) at Wat Lokayasutharam


Wat Lokayasutharam is situated at Pratoochai District, behind the Ancient Palace and the Pratoochai Primary School, in the area 0f Wat Worapoh (Wat Rakhang) and Wat Worachettharam.

Wat Lokayasutharam is 800 meters from Wat Phra Mongkon Bophit. Wat Worachettharam and Wat Worapoh are also closeby. Nevertheless, we had quite some difficulty finding Wat Lokayasutharam, likely our otherwise good Ayutthaya map, was a bit off the mark.

The important feature Wat Lokayasutharam is a huge reclining Buddha image, called Phra Bhuddhasaiyart, which faces to the east.

It was constructed of bricks and cement in the art style cf the Middle Ayutthaya Period. It is 37 meters long and 8 meters high. There are other impressive Reclining Buddha Images in Ayutthaya, but this seems to be the largest.

The head is placed on a lotus, and the legs overlap squarely to show the equalized toes.

Behind the Reclining Buddha Image you will find remains of other temple buildings, but honestly not much is worth seeing.

On the opposite site of the road from the Buddha Image, there seems to be an abundance of souvenir shops. It apparently is where the tour buses park.

We read this advice elsewhere (maybe it explains why we had difficulty finding the wat) :

One can access this Wat on foot from Wat Phra Mongkon Bophit (about a 10 minute walk) or by car through the road at the back of Wat Worapoh or the entrance to the former Alcoholic Beverage Factory about 2 kilometers away.


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